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Terms of Service/Site Rules
We are currently in beta mode. This means you may notice some bugs. Please report any errors you find here. Thank you.

Terms of Service v.3

Please Remember: Like any other site, Solpets will never ask for your password or personal information except during registration! We advise you to watch out for people who are "pretending" to be staff when they're really people that want your password! We recommend you don't give out your password to ANYONE online. Please be cautious when posting personal information on the site. The name and location fields in your profile can be marked private if you wish to do so.

Be safe and have a great time on Solpets!

General Rules

Please keep these rule's in mind while playing Solpets! You may freely refer back to them as you wish, but we recommend you have reviewed over them at least once.

  1. Please be polite to all members and staff.
  2. Please do not swear or flame anyone in the shoutbox, forums, or anywhere else on Solpets.
  3. Please do not be rude or spam in the shoutbox, forums, or messaging systems.
  4. In the forums, you are not allowed to post an image that stretches the forums. If you think an image will stretch the forums, please provide a link to it. If the link stretches the forums, please use, a free link shortener.
  5. No inappropriate or offensive names allowed for account username's or pets.
  6. Report all weird, unusual, and suspicious activity to an administrator as soon as possible. The "Report User" page will be completed soon. In the mean time, we recommend to sMail a solStaff member.
  7. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! Having more than one usable (able to be used; not frozen) account puts you at an unfair advantage. If you are found to have more than one account in use, you will be banned or 'punished'. However, if you have family members or friends that have a Solpets account and may use your computer to log in, please notify an administrator about this by sMailing them and updating your profile with a small note.
  8. You may not cheat off another user or scam them in anyway.
  9. There is no selling of art, pets, descriptions, or scripts from Solpets on other sites as these are all copyrighted and owned by Solpets.
  10. Please don't take advantage of any bugs, errors, or glitches. Report these in the forums or sMail an administrator to have it fixed! (If the glitch is something that you don't think other users should know about, we'd like you to message the administrators rather than use the forums.)
  11. Excessive talk about other petsites are forbidden. However, you may give out your username on a petsite. This is only allowed in the forums under "Introductions" and "Reconnect". Additionally, you may mention them, but please don't advertise them or explain them in great detail. But of course, talk of Solpets is allowed everywhere on OUR site.

Shoutbox Rules

All general site rules apply to the shoutbox (except where noted). Many of the important ones will be restated here.

  1. Although you may mildly discuss petsites in the shoutbox, we ask you to not advertise them.
  2. You are prohibited from begging for items, pets, or currency in the shoutbox.
  3. Please do not post links in the shoutbox that are unrelated to Solpets. Also, if you feel that you might accidentally stretch the shoutbox with your link, we recommend you use to make your links shorter.
  4. Please don't excessively post in the shoutbox or spam with random statements. By posting excessively, we mean posting more than 4-5 times in a row. But don't worry, correcting a typo won't count to the 4-5 count. It is up to solStaff to decide whether you are posting excessively or spamming.
    You should receive warning before any official action is taken.
  5. Please use correct grammar and spelling, please. Excessive "text speaking" is not allowed on Solpets. However, words like "lol", "brb", "jk", and other acronyms are allowed. Users may also freely use smiley faces as long as they don't spam.
  6. Please don't use any inappropriate, offensive, rude, or violate words, terms or phrases in the shoutbox.

Staff Membership Agreement

Upon applying and being accepted as a staff of our site "Solpets" here forth you shall agree to maintain and contribute to our site, "Solpets", while maintaining community standards while working for "Solpets" all content contributed to the site is site property and may only be returned by the consensus of the site's lead administrators, any action that may cause harm to "Solpets" in any shape or form may result in your removal from your staff position and possibly ban you from our site "Solpets".

These terms and conditions were last modified on April 20th, 2016.