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Solpets is a virtual pet site community that strives to offer a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The site is free to play and offers a variety of unique styled pets for you to raise and breed. With different worlds to explore and activities to complete, where will your adventure take you?

Solpets has been around since July 4th, 2011 and has been growing ever since. Welcome back new users. Welcome back old users. Welcome everyone. Solpets IS a new beginning.

We would like you to note the site is currently in beta.

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Welcome our newest member Sonally!

cutielou22 New Pet + Avatar! Apr 20, 2015 12:04

One day the Rimulus mysteriously appeared on Rainbow Falls with out warning. To this day nobody knows for sure how and where these strong and brave creatures originally came from.

Plus: New Rimulus avatar to use on the forums!

cutielou22 New game and goodies! Apr 13, 2015 09:04

We have added a new game to gamble on. Both you and the dealer will throw 5 dice. If the dealer wins you lose 100 sPoints, if you win you receive a reward of 250 sPoints. The cool part is rolling special combos will get you extra points up to the grand jackpot.

Play now?

And you know those referrals your trying to get? We made some icons and banners to help you.

Check them out!

cutielou22 solContests Mar 19, 2015 01:03
We have added new solContests to our games! To get there go to "Games", "Contests", "Active Contests".

There are several different types of contests that can be held:

Poetry/Short Story Contest: This can be a poem or short story (unless stated otherwise in this contest's additional rules).

Digital Art Contest: This type of contest allows users who own a Digital Art Program to design possible new art for the site.

Sketch Art Contest: This type of contest allows a user to submit hand drawn sketches. The sketches submitted may or may not be digitally altered for use on the site. Sketch Art contest are good for Solopians who do not operate digital art programs well or prefer to do hand drawn work.

Upon submission all art and writings becomes site property and may only be returned by the consensus of the site's lead administrators and owners.

All content submitted must meet with our site rules as well.

Our first contests have been added. Good luck.